Square/Rectangular Mount Coupler

Part Number: 028462
Square/Rectangular Mount Coupler
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Product Overview
Coupler, Ball Size 2-5/16", Tongue Mount Width 3", Straight Channel, 12,500 lbs.
Designed for utility, horse/livestock, cargo, and construction trailer applications, BULLDOG Collar-Lok are the strongest in the industry. The BULLDOG design features th eonly automatic and continuously tight ball fit in the industry. A variety of coupler styles, tongue mounts, and latches allow configurations to match virtually any trailer. Adjustable couplers assure level operation for trailers when pulled by a variety of different vehicles.
  • Easiest to use.
  • Strong in both static and dynamic loading conditions.
  • Hinged ball socket for easy hook up.
  • Clear, visual indication of proper closure.
Technical Specifications
Part Number:028462
Warranty:Limited 5 Year Warranty
Overall Length:16-1/2 in.
Ball Size:2-5/16 in.
Dimensions:3.5" L x 16.8" W x 5.3" H
(Shipping Dimensions)
Weight:14 lbs.
Package Type:Bulk
Coupler Style:4B Style
Latches:High Profile
Capacity: 12,500 lbs.
Model No.: 4B4H
Replacement Parts
PN 024200: Replacement Part - Coupler Repair Kit
Part Number 024200
Replacement Part, High Profile Coupler Repair Kit
PN 500354: Replacement Part - Coupler Cap Spring
Part Number 500354
Replacement Part, Coupler Cap Spring
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What is the inside width of the channel
The channel is made to fit a 3" trailer frame so we form the channel slightly wider than 3". The min. opening of the channel is approx. 3 1/32"